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Using Color in Design to Evoke Powerful Emotions

Updated By Staff Writer on June 22, 2020

Each color you see evokes a certain emotion. Some make you happy. Some make you sad. Others make you feel inferior and others make you feel royal. Colors affect the psyche. You can evoke powerful emotions just by choosing the right color. Here’s a little lesson on the colors to help you decide what to use in a design.


Blue is calming. It puts you into a peaceful state that is easy to be in for an extended period of time. It’s often used in study areas and bedrooms to make them comfortable. The calming influence helps people become more productive in their environments.


Red has the opposite effect. It stimulates a quick pulse and increases your breathing rate. It can inspire romance or violence. Wearing it can make people confrontational, or easy to excite. It pushes people to act. It’s warm and radiant to a point that your mind can’t ignore it. It’s true even in the darkest forms.

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Yellow is the epitome of happiness. It helps people be more optimistic. It is joyful and also pushes people to act. In oppressive quantities, it can cause babies to cry and make people lose their cool faster.


Similar to blue, green is also calming. It’s a natural color that you see everywhere in nature. It refreshes the viewer. It’s difficult to get upset in such an environment.

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You know purple is royal. Since before the industrial revolution, purple has been associated with royalty, because it was rare. Rare things are expensive and only kings could afford them. Hence, purple is royal. That meaning still sticks.


There’s an argument circulating around that black isn’t really a color. That argument is merely a distraction, whether or not it’s true, because black very much exists in fashion and in design. It evokes the feeling of authority and power. It’s thinning in clothing and never goes out of style. It screams cool to people too. Many technological gizmos come in black because it’s awe-inspiring. Use black to stimulate that feeling.

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Just because black is the opposite of white, the meaning for white isn’t the direct opposite of black. It simply shows innocence and purity. It’s a happy color that makes you feel free. These colors are helpful when designing anything from a home, to a wardrobe to a website. Use your colors wisely to evoke the emotions you intend.

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