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What Do the Reviews Say About Independence University?

Updated By Shelby on April 30, 2020

These days, you wouldn’t book a hotel, go see a movie, or even order in take-out from a new restaurant without first doing some serious online review research. So obviously, before you request more information about an online degree program, you are sure to be searching high and low for reviews. Doing this can be a double-edged sword. While reading online reviews can be very helpful for gaining confidence in your school choice, even one terrible review amongst a dozen outstanding reviews can instill confusion and frustration and dampen your motivation. But don’t let it! Instead, get a clearer, more balanced view of how graduates really feel about their time enrolled in Independence University. Here are some general things to keep in mind when you read online reviews and a summary of what is being said across a variety of online review sites regarding Independence University. With this information, you’ll be able to make a more confident decision to go back to school.

General Things to Keep In Mind Regarding Online Reviews

Before we get into specific reviews, let’s talk about some important things to keep in mind when it comes to online reviews in general:

Who is commenting and can you trust them?

The vast majority of online reviews are left because a specific business has asked its customers to do so. However, customers are generally not given an incentive for a review and are asked to be completely honest.

Can negative reviews be blocked?

Most review sites do not allow a business to block negative reviews, even if it is left under a suspicious motive. A business may be able to “flag” a suspicious review or ask the reviewer to edit or delete it, but it’s generally not a good idea to do so. Instead, responding politely to the reviewer is considered the best course of action.

What should I really be looking for when considering reviews?

Not all online reviews should be given equal credibility. Extremely good opinions or extremely bad ones tend to be read and reacted to the most, but in actuality, these are the reviews that should probably only be taken with a grain of salt. Average reviews, or 3-stars, is really where you want to focus the bulk of your time and consideration. No business is perfect, nor are they 100% incompetent. The truth is, most businesses are average, run by average people. They do their best, but sometimes fall short of ideal. The middle-of-the-road reviews take this into account and give some room for human error and customer empathy.

Another thing to keep in mind is that a reviewer typically comments about a one-time interaction with one business representative. That is why it’s more helpful to take into account the average experience of many customers. It’s also important to give the most weight to the most recent reviews. There are so many factors that can change a business over the course of a year or more. Managers come and go, policies are updated, and customer expectations fluctuate. Because of this, check the date at the top of the review and make sure it was posted within the last few months at most. One more thing. Yes, the big names (Google, Yelp, Facebook, etc.) are important, but there are lesser-known sites (GradReports, Niche, Unigo, Trustpilot) that also count. This is especially true with some specific industries, such as schools.

Now for the Reviews

We’ve taken the work out of your online review search by gathering reviews from the last six months from the four review sites above. Out of 656 total reviews, here are the results:

  • 2-Star Reviews and Below = 24

The negative reviews tend to be focused on a lack of good communication between the admissions or financial aid offices and the students, and the inability to transfer credits to another school.

  • 3-Star and Above = 632

The positive reviews reach a wide variety of topics but the most-cited compliments are for the ease of enrollment, the quality and care of the instructors, the flexibility of online classes, and the high rate of successfully graduating within the expected time frame. All reviews taken into consideration, it looks like Independence University is a great option for students who are looking to better their life by obtaining an advanced degree. If you’d like to find out for yourself if Independence University is a good fit for you, request more info today!