What is emerging technology

What Is Emerging Technology?

Updated By Staff Writer on June 22, 2020

Emerging technology is a relative term, because someone may see a technology as emerging and others may not see it the same way. According to BusinessDictionary.com, emerging technology is a new technology that is currently being developed, or will be developed within the next five to ten years. The new technology will substantially alter the business and social environment; the technology will include information technology, wireless data communications, man-machine communications, on-demand printing, bio-technologies, and advanced robotics.

What truly defines emerging technology is that the majority views its usefulness as dubious and it may not be embraced by most. I would consider cloud computing as emerging technology, since there are some questions as to how reliable and secure it truly is. I think anything making use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) would be considered as emerging technology, but I think movies have really scared people from anything employing AI! I know some may mention iPads, and perhaps as business tools they would be considered as emerging technology, though I find that anything that is second generation or more is more likely moved into the realm of Pacing Technology.

Read about some of the top tech innovations of the past 20 years.

In today’s world we are currently using some emerging technologies from our recent past, notably the global positioning system (GPS). It is in every part of our lives today. When we get into our cars, or in an aircraft, or even in the local commuter train, GPS plays an important role in not only getting us where we want to go but by providing information to keep us safe by tracking the movements of other vehicles and providing accurate time and distance information.

The MP3 is another of these technologies. We all use it almost every day of the year, from the phone in our pockets to the largest radio stations. MP3s are the choice of a technology driven society. By using MP3s we no longer need to store vast amounts of physical media in our homes. I know that my family is very happy with this bonus. Another formerly emerging technology is the new medical prosthetics in use for our returning wounded service men and women. With advancements in miniaturization and lighter weight materials the new technology has become much easier to produce and much cheaper to purchase. Technology has transformed the way we live, in small daily ways to ways that change the lives of the people who serve our country. As new technologies continue to emerge, how will our world continue to change?

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