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What It Means to Be a Graphic Artist in 2017

Updated By Staff Writer on March 31, 2020

The world of graphic design has shifted in a new direction with the increasing sophistication of technology like Photoshop, social media, and 3D printers. There’s so much more access to resources, and one simple social media post can make a designer’s work go viral.

With such advancements in communication through visual techniques, now’s a great time to pursue your dream of getting a degree in graphic design. This article discusses how graphic design is evolving and how you could get involved in the field.

Computers Create Demand for Higher Quality

More dynamic machines and faster Internet speeds have continued to increase the demand for high-quality graphics. Our computers can display more pixels, high-definition details, and more vibrant colors than before, which has created new opportunities in the field of graphic design.

Along with computer capabilities becoming more advanced, cutting-edge mobile and tablet technology has expanded the limits of creation. Graphic artists are not bound to creating with a mouse; there are features on tablets to zoom in and out, allowing the creator to add detail and color with the brush of a fingertip or stylus. New design software continues to expand the world of innovation from old, standard design methods on a seemingly daily basis.

Photoshop Distorts Reality and Changes Expectations

PBS Digital Studios explained how Photoshop is remixing the world by revolutionizing our visual culture. What was once a time-consuming, labor-intensive editing process is now an artform accessible to anyone with a computer. Images can no longer be trusted as original, and viewers have begun to expect visually stunning and exceptional images over the drabness of real life. All these trends are raising the bar for graphic design.

In addition to raising the bar, Photoshop has also leveled the playing field for artists. Everyday people can now alter images and spread their messages through online posts and social media.

As an expert in graphic design, you could take advantage of this technology to improve your art beyond the amateur and into transcendent territory.

Quick and Efficient Design through 3D Printers

Opening the door for even more creativity, 3D printing is taking the design world by storm. With increased accessibility and functions to design with new materials, 3D printers are changing the rules, which creates opportunities for innovative design ideas and methods.

3D printers are increasing the speed at which designers can form and test new designs, making the design process incredibly efficient. Major brands and companies are beginning to custom-design their own products and samples, which speeds up development timelines. This trend is creating a huge need for talented graphic designers.

Modern graphic design is all about moving away from static logos and into animation, movement, and depth. It’s time for you to shake off the ordinary and move toward finishing your degree and starting your career in this quickly changing field. Contact Independence University today for more information on how you can take the next step toward a future in design.

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