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When to Stop Studying

Updated By Staff Writer on March 31, 2020

The path to success for a student seems to begin with and revolve around studying. Many students are under the false impression that they should spend most of their time studying. While studying is important, it shouldn’t rule your life. In fact, too much studying can backfire, as people are the most productive when they get the rest they need.

So when can students take a break without feeling guilty? Here are some examples of times when it is appropriate to stop studying:

Listen to Your Body When It Says “Slow Down”

Too much studying can have a negative impact on your health. Yes, you heard it. It can lead to severe stress and tension. As a result, your brain may burn out and you may not be able to process new information. Therefore, when your body tells you to slow down, take a break and let yourself regain energy. Since many studies have shown that studying right before bed can help students retain information, you can study for a few hours before bedtime and then treat yourself with a calming bath.

Give Yourself a Break the Day Before a Big Test

Stress is your worst enemy when it comes to getting ready for a test. So how can you control your test anxiety? Try channeling your nervousness into something else. Host a game night, watch a new movie, or do something else that brings peace and calmness into your life. Calming your nerves will contribute to higher self-confidence, an attitude that can help you ace your test.

Take a Break When You Are Switching from One Course Subject to Another

Many college students would agree that they are the most stressed during midterms and finals. Studying for multiple subjects simultaneously can be very exhausting. So how can students better prepare during such a stressful period of time? It is important to take a break when switching from one subject to another. This will enhance your overall productivity and help you memorize the material better. Taking breaks helps your brain to relax and refocus for a few minutes. Trying to study nonstop for hours on end will only contribute to you feeling more tired, stressed, and frazzled. Although it seems against your moral code of honor, it is OK to stop studying sometimes. Following these tips for when to stop studying will help you enjoy school and your life a bit more.