Why Are Cybersecurity Jobs More Important Than Ever?

Updated By Patrick Oney on May 1, 2020

News of increasing data breaches and personal information being stolen over the web has created a unique opportunity for cybersecurity jobs. The threat of cybercrime to businesses all over the world continues to rise—it’s not slowing down. In fact, the cost associated with cybercrime attacks totals over $400 billion1, which increased $250 billion in two short years. As more and more companies struggle to fight off e-criminals across the globe, their answer lies in qualified cybersecurity personnel. From protecting customer social security numbers to big corporate computer systems, cybersecurity professionals are seeing plenty of work. If you are someone who is exploring a computer technology degree, consider the benefits of becoming a cybersecurity expert.

Hacking Tools Are Widely Available

  There was once a time where hackers had to work hard to accomplish their tasks. Technology has advanced so quickly, anybody with a phone can now commit cybercrime. This isn’t just stolen identity, either. People may sit outside a house and hack a home security camera, a smart lock on the door, and even the smart garage door opener. Hackers have become increasingly sophisticated. Some of the world’s largest companies are seeing breaches in their data more often than before and hundreds of millions of people are left defenseless. The need for quality cybersecurity professionals is higher than ever. At this time, companies might just assume they will be breached and hire the appropriate positions to protect against such crimes.

The Rise in Cybersecurity Jobs

  People who are chasing a computer technology degree should consider cybersecurity as a course of study. Between 2016 and 20262, cybersecurity jobs are anticipated to grow by nearly 28%, twice as fast as any other computer-related occupation. This field has grown 3.5 times quicker3 than other IT jobs over the past five years—and there is a desperate need to fill these positions.   In a survey done in 2014, The Enterprise Strategy Group confirmed that 42% of organizations3 interviewed plan to increase their information security. As you can see, there is a massive demand for cybersecurity professionals across the globe and it appears those needs are only going to rise. From entry-level positions to VP jobs, there is a promising career in this field.

What Do Cybersecurity Jobs Entail?

  There’s actually a wide range of jobs out there for anybody looking into the field. Jobs range from small businesses who hire one person to protect their company and its data to large corporations that enlist an entire team or department. People can also work as consultants, helping businesses protect their data. Overall, cybersecurity professionals analyze threats, gathering information about the company and the employees. They look at potential areas of threat to see if there is already a breach somewhere. They also work with other IT professionals to make sure the companies’ systems are secure and protected. Other roles are:

  • Digital forensics
  • Cyber risk and strategic analysis
  • Network and system engineering
  • Responding to cyber incidents
  • Assessing vulnerability
  • Various investigation techniques

  At an entry level, security specialists have to keep up to date with all security updates and improvements, and how they relate to the company and its data. They might also train employees on simple ways to avoid data breaches, but this is all done under supervision. On a higher level, security analysts, auditors, managers, or architects might be responsible for the entire company and its security. These individuals can head up investigations and forensic teams, test and tailor new security measures, and test against new malware or viruses.

Start Your Degree Today

  Cybersecurity is a remarkable and exciting field. Job growth continues to rise and opportunities for advancement are waiting. You too can have a fulfilling career in a profession that’s not slowing down. You can request information now about all of our degree programs, including Cybersecurity and Networking. The choice is yours. Now is the time to get your start in one of the most vibrant and exciting professions today.      


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