Why Get a Graphic Design Degree?

Posted By Staff Writer on July 10, 2015

Is a graphic design degree worth the cost and time it takes to earn it? A degree's value depends on what you do with it. With so much emphasis on digital media these days — whether on computers, tablets, or mobile phones — the demand for employees who have a graphic design degree is higher than ever. If you see yourself designing for a living, a graphic design degree could be the right choice for you. A graphic design degree could help you gain the career value that clients are seeking. Here, we'll show you which skills learned in a graphic design degree program are the most marketable.

Logo Design

The skillset learned in a graphic design degree program could help you create simple images that pack a big punch. This is a skill business owners need. Once you create a logo, businesses will be able to use it across all their company branding. This includes business cards, websites, pamphlets, signs, and more. In fact, a business’s logo is very important in establishing a corporate identity. Being able to leverage high-tech software — in conjunction with knowing the theory behind the use of differing fonts and colors — will help you deliver great results to clients.

Website Design

Have you ever visited a bad website? Sometimes you can't click the "X" button fast enough. A graphic design degree can help you learn what it takes to create appealing websites. You'll be able to create compelling graphics, organize a website’s data, and make it easy for users to navigate the site. While currently only 52% of small business owners have a website, the demand is growing. Many businesses use ecommerce to sell products and services directly from their websites, so they need their sites to represent them well. You could also use your graphic desgin degree knowledge to add cool functionality, such as hover effects and rotating images.

Graphic Design Degree for Photoshop®

The ability to produce eye-catching imagery is central to creating advertisements, websites, and attractive print publications. Photoshop knowledge is critical to all elements of graphic design. Photoshop combines technical knowledge with an artistic flare, giving users the ability to adjust lighting, brush away flaws, and change the composition of photographs.

Information Design

Information design is the the art of presenting information in the most effective way possible. One popular example of information design is infographics. Infographics are used frequently to illustrate articles, reports, and sales materials. They help make information visually appealing and easily understandable to readers. Colorful, fun, yet packed with information, infographics are a creative way for graphic artists to display content.

Digital Photography

A graphic design degree could help you learn digital photography. From wedding photographers to food photographers, there are plenty of commercial opportunities for digital photography. By becoming an expert on lighting, correcting images in Photoshop, and staging the perfect shot, you can potentially start your own business as a photographer. You can also explore your own artistic ability on free sites like Flickr and Instagram. From there, companies may choose to pay to license and use your photos. These are just some of the marketable skills you can learn in a graphic design degree program. Earn your graphic design degree at Independence University Ready to turn your creativity into a career? Independence University offers a wide variety of fully online degree programs designed for some of today’s fastest-growing career fields, such as business, healthcare, information technology, and graphic design. Call 800-917-6391 or visit today to learn more.