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At Independence University, Career Services plays the role of mentor and guru, helping you prepare yourself to enter the workforce. We begin early in your degree program, providing the resources and tools you’ll need to begin your career. We’ll even work to help you find a job if you need one while studying.

How Career Services Helps

For every Independence University student, we provide free help for career development. We have numerous resources, and our advisors work with you individually. It’s a powerful way to gain the mentoring that could make the difference in your job search. Even after you graduate, you can use this service!

Hone Your Job Seeking Skills

We will help you advance faster into the career you want. Students and alumni can receive one-on-one guidance in all phases of job searching. Further, if you need assistance to find a job while still in college, we’re on board to help you with that as well.

Get Ready for Career Success

From the very start of your degree program, we want to help you transition into the job market on your terms. We want you to advance faster than you ever thought possible. We provide access to career development seminars and practice interviews with real employers. We can also help you earn and pay for certifications required in your field.1

Tools and Skills

When it’s time to seek employment, we will help you with many things, including creating a professional résumé and a portfolio to put your accomplishments on center stage. We’ll provide assistance in how to network and utilize social media. We can also show you how to find job opportunities and how to nail job interviews.

Continuing Career Support

Graduating from Independence University is a beginning, not an end. After you graduate, you can still use Career Services at any time! We’ll always be here to help you update your résumé, polish your interviewing skills, and get you up-to-date on the latest trends in networking and job searching. As a graduate, you can audit classes from your degree again at no cost!

Resume Help

Resume Step-by-Step

Write, revise, and put the finishing touches on your résumé through Career Services. Our advisors are here to provide feedback on what to include and what to remove. They will provide step-by-step instruction to help you create a résumé that gets noticed and gets you the interview.

Mock Interviews

Preparing for the Interview

Job interviews take a toll on the nerves. But we help you prepare, and preparation breeds confidence. We’ll work with you so that you’re ready for even the most challenging questions. You’ll definitely be ready to walk in and make a strong impression. We even cover how to negotiate for better compensation once you’ve been offered the job!

Job Search Skills

Job Search Strategies

It takes specialized skills and strategies to effectively dive into the market and search for jobs. It can get discouraging if you’re not ready with the right strategy and plan. But we help you avoid frustration and target the right jobs, whether you’re searching online or offline.

Grow Your Network

Nurture Your Network

In the modern job market, having a network of professional contacts is vital. Who you know can help you as much as what you know. Your Career Services advisor will help you develop a networking action plan, digital and in-person, so you can harness the power of your network when you need it.

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We’ve created this page to help you find the career you’re looking for. This is where you’ll find the most recent job postings from three of the major employment search engines—all in one place. You’ll also find links to specialized job search sites at the bottom of the page.



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