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Unleash Your Creativity with an Online Graphic Arts Degree

You may not notice it, but graphic design is everywhere. You see it on your way to work. You browse it online. You even hold it in your hands when you open that new package you’ve been waiting for in the mail. Good design combines passion and creativity with strategic planning. It informs, inspires, and motivates people to take action, whether that means buying a product, supporting a cause, or simply “liking” something on social media.


At Independence University’s School of Graphic Arts you’ll learn about the latest tools, trends, and techniques used by professional graphic designers every day, so you can launch or advance your creative career. Whether you want to specialize in print, web, or information design, we have the online degree program for you. In addition, throughout your program you’ll take all the knowledge and skills you gain along the way and put them toward building your own professional design portfolio.


With historical roots going back to 1891, Independence University has been training students for careers. Our online Graphic Arts programs are designed to be career-focused, so you can hit the ground running in your new graphic design career. Ready to unleash your creativity? Call us at (800) 917-6391. Or you can request free program information online!



Good design inspires and motivates people. As a professional graphic designer, you’ll combine creativity and artistic instinct with proven theories and practices to convey important messages. Employers need skilled creative professionals¹ to help tell stories and design attractive promotional materials. The online School of Graphic Arts at Independence University will help you learn how to create richer, better visual experiences for diverse audiences.

As a graphic designer in training, you’ll need the tools of the trade. During your program, Independence provides a tablet and a Mac® laptop with Adobe software for you to use and keep when you graduate. Benefit from the professional experience and guidance of our instructors. Get started by choosing your program below.


Associate’s Degrees inGraphic Arts

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    This program teaches you the fundamental concepts behind design, as well as how to use the tools of the trade. Prepare to become a graphic designer or multimedia artist.

Bachelor’s Degrees inGraphic Arts

“Independence University gave me the opportunity to have that flexibility to spend time with my family, my three little kids, and still go to school. Independence University was a great fit for me.”

- Dustin Groves
Master of Business Administration (MBA)

“Thanks to earning my master’s degree, it gave me the confidence to open up a business.”

- Mimi Raza
Master of Business Administration (MBA)

“I like to be in a classroom setting. I was definitely scared when I first enrolled at IU. With the online learning platform and the support I received from my instructors and my associate deans online, I really didn’t feel a difference between being online and being in a classroom. I still had all the same resources. I had the same support.”

- Taban Bustani
Master of Business Administration (MBA)

“The instructors were very knowledgeable. They’ve all had real-world experience, and they can share their experiences with you to help you advance your career.”

- Jamie Bingham
Master of Public Health (MPH)

“I think IU has made me a better person. Before, I was just going through life. I had done my military time, and I didn’t know where to go. Now, since I’ve gone to IU and I’ve gotten my degrees, it’s taken me in a whole different direction. I see life differently now from the classes that I’ve been through. It’s a whole different ballgame. Once you get an education, then you see things differently.”

- Eddie Underwood
Master of Healthcare Administration (MS)


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  1. https://www.roberthalf.com/sites/default/files/documents/2018_salary_guide_NA_TCG.pdf

Independence University admits students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin.

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