You may not always notice it, but graphic design is everywhere. You see it on your way to work. You browse it online. You even hold it in your hands when you open a package you’ve been waiting for in the mail.

In Independence University's online Graphic Arts degree program, you’ll learn about the latest tools, trends, and techniques used by professional graphic designers. Throughout your online graphic arts degree program, you’ll apply your new knowledge and skills toward building your own professional design portfolio.


As a professional graphic designer, you’ll combine creativity and artistic instinct with proven theories and practices to convey important messages. Employers need skilled creative professionals1 to help tell stories and design attractive promotional materials.

During your program, Independence University provides you with a Mac® laptop with Adobe® software, which you can keep when you graduate. Benefit from the professional experience and guidance of our instructors. Get started by choosing your program below.

bachelor's Degrees
In graphic arts

Graphic Arts (BS)
With an online Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Arts, you could help businesses convey their unique messages. Take your passion for graphic arts and turn it into a career. Start on your degree today.
Web Design and Development (BS)
Learn to conceptualize, code, and publish a website as you complete your Web Design and Development degree. Build sites and learn multiple interactive design languages.