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Graphic Arts Degree - Information Design Emphasis Online AT Independence University

Employers need talented graphic designers who have the skills to present important information in the most effective ways possible. With the right online degree in Graphic Arts with an Information Design emphasis, you could get a better job in the graphic design industry.

Your online degree program will teach you the fundamental principles of graphic design for print and digital applications. In addition, your emphasis in Information Design will prepare you to seek entry-level employment as a professional graphic designer specializing in effective communication techniques.


IU's online Graphic Arts degree with an Information Design emphasis could help you prepare for a variety of graphic design careers, such as:

  • Graphic designer
  • Web designer
  • Production artist
  • Multimedia artist
  • Art director
  • Web, mobile, or social media content developer
  • Technical designer


As part of your online degree program of Graphic Arts with an Information Design emphasis, you'll study such essential subjects1 as:

  • InDesign®
  • Photoshop®
  • Illustrator®
  • Information design
  • Universal design
  • Page layout design
  • Digital photography
  • Web design
  • Logo and identity design
  • Professional and technical communication
  • Entrepreneurship
  • New media marketing
  • Internet commerce

Still Have Questions?

If you have questions about IU's online Bachelor of Science in Graphic Arts with an Information Design emphasis, you can get all the answers in the program overview.

Why Choose Independence University?

IU's online degree programs can help you prepare for employment in some of today's most rewarding job fields. Our programs are career-focused, without elective courses that you don't want or need, so you can finish your degree fast.

What to Expect: Online Graphic Arts Degree with an Emphasis in Information Design

Many students find they prefer online college over face-to-face. At Independence University (IU), your online graphic design courses can conveniently fit into your schedule. IU’s Graphic Arts degree with an emphasis in Information Design features top-notch online personal support. You’ll get the creative and technical skills you need to pursue a graphic design career.

Starting out with powerful tools

As an IU graphic arts student, you’ll be sent a new tablet (with keyboard) to use in your online graphic arts courses. A few months after you start your program, you’ll also get a new laptop containing the graphic design software you’ll use in your degree program. You won’t pay any additional fee for these devices. When you graduate, the tablet and laptop are both yours to keep.

Well-structured, career-focused training

What is graphic design? Come to IU and find out! Bring your creativity and your desire to learn, and IU will give you the tools and training you need to develop the skills employers expect.

At IU, your courses are structured as four-week modules, so you’ll focus on fewer courses at a time than you would with a traditional semester schedule. Each week, you could do assignments or assessments or participate on discussion boards. In addition, you’ll benefit from daily online checkpoints, such as reading a graphic design article and answering a question.

You’ll get career-focused education in numerous aspects of graphic design, with an emphasis on Information Design, including:

  • Competency at complex levels of information design creation, adaptation, and management
  • Attention attraction and retention optimization
  • Cross-medium information presentation
  • Universal design for professional design and communication
  • Ethical information design

Here are just a few examples of graphic design courses you’ll take:

  • Color Theory
  • Professional and Technical Communication
  • Information Design
  • Universal Design
  • Technology in Communication
  • Introduction to New Media Marketing
  • Influence and Persuasion in Business

When you need personalized assistance during your online degree program, you can interact individually with your instructors and get additional tutoring at no extra charge. IU is committed to giving you everything you need to flourish as a graphic artist, including helping you create a dynamic portfolio of your best graphic design work.

Your graphic design career awaits

What does a graphic designer do? As a graduate of IU’s degree program in Graphic Arts with an emphasis in Information Design, your possible employment includes entry-level to mid-level positions as a technical or professional designer, a web and mobile content developer, a document manager, an editor, a social media creator, or an entrepreneur.

Independence University is nonprofit, which means your needs as a student always top our priority list. We’ve designed your online degree program to help optimize your future career success. With online learning’s flexibility, you could find it even more doable than expected to earn your Graphic Arts degree with an emphasis in Information Design.