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Design and build websites with a Web Design and Development degree online

In today’s online world, the demand for skilled web designers and developers is extremely high. With the right online web design and development degree program from IU, you could join this fast-paced and exciting career field.

As part of your degree program, you’ll learn to conceptualize, code, and publish your own standards-based content for a variety of formats, while working with multiple languages used in interactive design.


Getting your online Web Design and Development degree could enable you to choose from a variety of careers, such as:

  • Web designer
  • Web developer
  • Mobile applications design
  • E-learning development
  • Information design
  • Human/computer interaction (HCI) technologies


IU's online Web Design and Development degree program teaches essential knowledge and skills, such as: 1

  • Website design
  • Graphic design
  • Web programming
  • Database administration
  • Digital imaging
  • Digital illustration
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing

Web Design and Development

Learn to conceptualize, code, and publish a website as you complete your Web Design and Development degree. Build sites and learn multiple interactive design languages.


Course Name Credits

VWD 295
Animation Scripting

This course focuses on developing web-based animations using CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript. Students will focus on CSS manipulation, animation effects, and HTML event methods to improve the user experience with engaging visual elements.

Prerequisites: None.

APP 110
Business Computer Fundamentals

This course explores the introductory use of word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation applications. Students will learn computer skills, including document and spreadsheet creation and presentation techniques. Emphasis is on utilization of basic application skills to complete general business tasks.

Prerequisites: None.

DGD 240
Client Management System Frameworks

This course focuses on the design and development process of creating a website using a Content Management System (CMS). Students will learn how to customize a web page built using a CMS. The focus will be placed on design, testing, and deployment utilizing industry standard frameworks to produce functioning web pages and templates.

Prerequisites: None.

VWD 350
Creativity with HTML5 and CSS3

This course focuses on the creative elements of HTML and CSS. Students will learn to incorporate visual elements utilizing HTML and CSS code, and advanced CSS attributes and properties to create graphics for a web page.

Prerequisites: None.

VWD 214
Database Building with MySQL

This course introduces the fundamentals of creating a well-designed database using MySQL. Students will learn to use database architecture and MySQL syntax to create and manipulate stored data using simple MySQL statements.

Prerequisites: None.

DGD 450
Design Business Practices

This course focuses on an overview of the different settings in which designers work and the personal communication skills necessary to succeed when working with employers or directly with clients. Topics covered include best practices in time management skills, and design workflow. Emphasis will cover the pros and cons and various aspects of self-employment vs. working for someone else.

Prerequisites: None.

DGD 260
Digital Imagery

This course will further develop image manipulation skills and proficiency in using a raster based application. Focus will be on effective use of advanced tools utilizing non-destructive editing methods to create dynamic visual imagery.

Prerequisites: DGD104

VWD 490
Front End Web Design and Development Portfolio

In this portfolio course, students will revise pieces completed over their degree journey to a professional level. The focus of the class will be on building a strong collection of projects that showcase their web design and development skills. Emphasis will be placed on preparing to enter the job market by refining their personal brand and skillset, building up networking strategies, and honing interviewing skills.

Prerequisites: None.

VWD 190
HTML/CSS Basic Syntax and Structure

This course introduces the basic structure and syntax of HTML and CSS. Students will learn the tag structure of a web page, while learning how to use CSS to create alignment and styling for those elements. Emphasis will be to build page structure for web and mobile devices while implementing HTML and CSS best practices in site management and creation of pages and micro pages.

Prerequisites: None.

DGD 320
Icon Design

This course focuses on symbol and icon development for universal multimedia application. Students will use semiotics to analyze how people extract meanings from visual elements, leading to an increased awareness of how targeted imagery can communicate multiple layers of information.

Prerequisites: None.

VWD 101
Introduction to Front End Web Development

This course introduces the digital tools used in visual communication and web development. Students will learn the basic function and utility of industry-standard hardware and software. In addition, students will learn best practices in design workflow, including file organization, file management, and system backup and maintenance.

Prerequisites: None.

DGD 204
Multimedia Design in Motion I

This course introduces the basic principles of movement in animation. Students will learn best practices in data visualization to create interactive media that targets the end user. Focus will be on creative spatial thinking practices that will produce engaging motion graphics.

Prerequisites: None.

DGD 270
Multimedia Design in Motion II

This course focuses on advanced animation and interactive methods. Students will learn to think sequentially, and create timeline controls that enhance UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) to engage the end user in an animated project.

Prerequisites: DGD204

DGD 420
Multimedia Special Effect Design

This course will focus on fundamental concepts and features to create motion graphics and visual effects. Students will learn to use 2D and 3D tools for compositing, animation, and effects to create or customize digital media.

Prerequisites: None.

VWD 299
Personal Branding and Marketing Strategies for Web Design

This course provides an opportunity for students to reflect on past projects to identify gaps. Students will then determine strengths that will define future pathways for employment goals in the Web design industry. Emphasis will be placed on developing a cohesive personal brand, marketing strategies, and creating a portfolio to showcase their design and coding skills.

Prerequisites: None.

CSS 295
Professional Development

In this course, students apply the techniques and strategies learned within the Psychology of Motivation for more in-depth exploration of relevant employment resources, for the development of documents to submit in job application processes, including resumes, cover letters, reference letters, follow up correspondence, and other written communications. Through the course, students will enhance individual verbal communication and interview skills. Students will also learn how to prioritize job search activities, and to appropriately manage and organize relevant documents and records. Upon completion of this course, students will have completed a portfolio of resources and documents to support their current and future job searches and be more informed about the strategies and processes that can more effectively support such efforts.

Prerequisites: None.

VWD 210
Project Management for the Web Design Process

This course introduces web design and development life cycle methodologies related to project management. Students will learn web or application development and testing with regards to best practices, maintenance and extensibility. Additionally this course will focus on the web design process using creative and innovative UX (User Experience) design principles.

Prerequisites: None.

CSS 105
Psychology of Motivation

This course introduces students to the skills, characteristics, and habits that will help them be successful in a college environment and future careers. Such a desire for goal-oriented behavior is commonly referred to as motivation, and such motivation can propel students toward accomplishing their academic and vocational goals. Couse topics include time management, problem solving, goal setting, career planning and preparation, and a range of additional student success strategies. Upon course completion, students will be more informed and better prepared to progress in their programs and in their efforts to advance their desired career goals (i.e., students will be more academically prepared in knowledge and practical training within an occupational area and also enhance their abilities to support their job searches and submitting application documents such as documents created using standard writing guideline formats).

Prerequisites: None.

VWD 320
Responsive Web Design

This course focuses on designing responsive layouts for mobile, tablet and desktop devices. Students will learn multiple techniques for creating a responsive website or application.

Prerequisites: None.

VWD 195
Scripting Languages I

This course introduces the basic structure, functions, and syntax of JavaScript. Students will learn the key fundamental features of writing client-side JavaScript to create dynamic web pages or applications. Additionally, students will learn how to manipulate HTML and CSS using JavaScript to create dynamic website elements and styling.

Prerequisites: None.

VWD 395
Scripting Languages II

This course will focus on industry standard scripting libraries to learn core concepts, common patterns, services, routing, and test script developed. Students will learn the best practices in building fully-functioning web applications utilizing various scripting library frameworks.

Prerequisites: None.

VWD 225
Server Side Scripting I

This course introduces the basic structure, functions, and syntax of PHP. Students will learn the key fundamental features of writing in a server-side scripting language to create dynamic web pages or applications. Additionally, students will learn how to incorporate PHP into HTML code to create dynamic website elements that will visually engage the viewer.

Prerequisites: None.

VWD 325
Server Side Scripting II

Students will learn to incorporate MySQL with PHP to create dynamic web page database components. This course will focus on scripting, visual design, data validation, secure data processing, and debugging.

Prerequisites: VWD225.

MKT 235
Technology in Marketing and Branding Strategy

This course will explore a range of digital marketing methods, with an emphasis on increased understanding of capabilities, pros and cons, and digital marketing best practices. The course will explore the history of the Internet and how it has changed business, marketing, and communication. Students will learn strategies for positive customer experiences online and digital customer retention.

Prerequisites: None.

DGD 210
UX Design and Methodologies

This course introduces user experience principles and basic human-computer interaction methodology. Students will learn how persona creation, audience demographic analysis, and prototyping can lead to more effective visual communication solutions.

Prerequisites: None.

DGD 104
Vector and Raster Design Tools

This course introduces students to vector and raster design software. Focus will be on learning tools to create simple visual solutions to address a variety of communication challenges.

Prerequisites: DGD101

DGD 140
Web Design I

This course introduces web design principles and processes. Students will learn how to develop a web or application's visual layout, functionality, and features based on a client's needs to reach their target audience. Emphasis will be placed on principles of design, web color theory, and UX (User Experience) best practices to strategically attract, engage, and convert visitors.

Prerequisites: None.

Total Credits

general education

Course Name Credits

CMN 315
Advanced Interpersonal Communication

This course is designed to provide students with the skills they need to be effective communicators. Students will apply interpersonal communication skills theory to various situations in order to understand the clear connections between theory, skills, and life situations they will encounter.

Prerequisites: None.

HIS 225
American History

This course covers American history from colonization to the present. Emphasis is on the relevance of cultural, economic, political, and social developments in the United States.

Prerequisites: None.

MAT 225
College Algebra

This course covers introductory algebraic expressions, formulas, and solving equations. Students learn graphing, numerical sets, exponents, radicals, and inequalities.

Prerequisites: None.

CMN 205
Communication and Public Speaking

This course focuses on the principles of effective public speaking and presentation. Focus is on the preparation, presentation, and critique of various forms of oral communication. Emphasis is placed on development, delivery, presentation aids, and persuasive speaking.

Prerequisites: None.

PHI 315
Critical Thinking

This course is designed as an interdisciplinary approach to critical thinking in a modern world. This course will challenge students to learn how to reflect, identify previous assumptions, and be able to analyze and apply common problem-solving techniques associated with the task of thinking critically and challenging the everyday norms.

Prerequisites: None.

ENG 105
English Writing Fundamentals

This course focuses on the principles of effective English composition with a comprehensive review and reinforcement of language arts skills. Emphasis is placed on the four essentials of writing: unity, support, coherence, and sentence skills. Practice in proofreading, editing, revision, and clear thinking is incorporated throughout the course.

Prerequisites: None.

ECN 225

This course covers basic microeconomic concepts. Topics include recession and depression, the circular flow of production and consumption, the role of the market in the economy, wage and price movements, the functions of markets in capitalism, and government interference in free markets. Emphasis is placed on students acquiring the critical thinking skills of economics.

Prerequisites: None.

RAM 110
Research Application Methods

This course explores real world applications in statistics. Topics covered will be analyzing and creating graphs, survey techniques, preparing surveys and analysis of data. Emphasis will be placed on understanding the use of graphs, surveys and the importance of statistical analysis in a business setting.

Prerequisites: None.

STA 325

This course focuses on the practical skills needed in statistics analysis. Topics include distributions, relationships, randomness, inference, proportions, regression, and variance. Emphasis is placed on understanding the use of statistical methods and the demands of statistical practice.

Prerequisites: MAT 225 or with the consent of the Dean.

Total Credits
Total Program Credits

To access the Online Web Design and Development Program Overview click here

Why Choose Independence University?

IU's online and on-campus degree programs can help you prepare for employment in some of today's most rewarding job fields. Our programs are career-focused, without elective courses that you don't want or need, so you can finish your degree fast.

What to Expect: Getting Your Online Degree in Web Design and Development

If you’re looking to expand your career without overloading your life, an online degree program in Web Design and Development could be ideal for you. At Independence University (IU), your web design classes could fit conveniently into your schedule. You can study anytime and almost anywhere. With your Web Design and Development degree from IU, you’ll possess the knowledge and skills you need for possible career advancement.

Your new tablet and laptop

As you learn website design and website development, you’ll want to practice your new skills on reliable computer devices with appropriate software. That's why IU provides you with a new laptop to use during your degree program. This laptop will contain the software you need for your degree. After you graduate, you can keep the laptop.

Your dynamic online course of study

IU teaches courses in four-week modules, which allows you to start school sooner and focus on fewer courses at a time. Each week, you’ll be involved in assignments, assessments, and discussion boards. In addition, to help increase your knowledge, you will complete daily online checkpoints, such as reading an article about website development and responding to a question.

Throughout your online degree program, you’ll learn the skills you need to pursue a career in Web Design and Development, including how to:

  • Produce web applications, interactive presentations, mobile applications, and user interfaces for a variety of consumer electronics
  • Focus on both front-end and back-end development
  • Conceptualize, code, and publish your own standards-based content for a variety of formats
  • Work with multiple languages used in interactive design

Numerous rewarding classes will round out your career preparation, such as the following:

  • Vector Illustration
  • Image Editing
  • Page Layout Tools
  • Information Design
  • Digital Animation
  • Web Page Programming
  • Web Server Programming
  • Entrepreneurship

As an online student, you can look forward to one-on-one communication with your instructors and tutors. Everyone at IU wants you to succeed in the field of Web Design and Development.

Your prospects for a career in web design

As a graduate of IU’s Web Design and Development degree program, you’ll be prepped to seek entry-level and mid-level positions in web design, mobile application design, e-learning, information design, consumer electronics development, and human/computer interaction (HCI) technologies. In addition, your skills could enable you to become an entrepreneur.

Independence University is nonprofit, which means we answer first to our students and always put your needs first. With every course and tool, IU’s expert educators keep student success foremost in mind. We’re confident you’ll appreciate getting your degree online as you prepare yourself for career opportunities in your future.