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Gain management practice with a Bachelor's in Respiratory Care - online

Want to take your respiratory therapy career further? An online Bachelor's Completion degree with an Advanced Clinical Practice concentration could be just what you need. With your degree and proper certification,1 you could be qualified to work in hospitals, clinics, and other facilities.

This online program is designed for ART's who are looking to improve on their current experience. You will gain the knowledge and skills needed to advance into supervisory or advanced clinical practitioner positions in a broad range of respiratory care settings. The Advanced Clinical Practice concentration provides specialized respiratory therapy knowledge and skills to help you improve your practice and better care for your patients.


With your online Respiratory Care Completion degree, you could advance your career in positions such as:

  • Respiratory care supervisor and/or manager
  • Clinical practitioner


Some of the advanced skills2 and topics taught in this Respiratory Care program include:

  • Healthcare research
  • Respiratory health patient education
  • Disease management
  • Case management
  • Advanced emergency response and preparedness
  • Advances in critical care medicine
  • Advanced cardiopulmonary pathology
  • Advanced cardiopulmonary diagnostics
  • Advanced neonatal/pediatric therapeutics

Still Have Questions?

If you have questions about IU's Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Care with an Advanced Clinical Practice concentration, you can get all the answers in the program overview.

Why Choose Independence University?

IU's degree programs can help you prepare for employment in some of today's most rewarding job fields. Our programs are career-focused, without elective courses that you don't want or need, so you can finish your degree fast.

Respiratory Care with an Advanced Clinical Practice Concentration (BS) Here’s what you want to know:

If you are an ART who wants to take your respiratory therapy career to the next level, this Bachelor’s degree may be the perfect fit. Our Bachelor’s Completion degree with an Advanced Clinical Practice concentration is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to advance into supervisory or advanced clinical practitioner positions in a broad range of respiratory care settings.

If you think you’re too busy to complete your Bachelor’s degree, think again. At Independence University (IU), you can complete your degree in just 20 months! That’s because we delete the needless electives and provide you with solid skills you will use on the job. Plus, our online degree program provides the 24/7 flexibility you need for your busy life. Our 100% online courses let you keep your work and family commitments while completing your Bachelor’s degree. Because we focus on student success, you’ll receive the perfect mix of personal support and checkpoints that keep you on track toward your degree.

Step by step, here’s how your online education works:

As a student in the respiratory care program, you’ll receive a new tablet (and keyboard) that comes complete with your learning materials built right in. Your courses are set up in four-week modules. During your fourth module, you’ll receive a new laptop to use. You can use the new tablet and laptop during school and keep them when you graduate!

During one module, you may take one to two courses as directed by your degree program schedule. Because it is so important that you keep on track with your coursework, you will have daily checkpoints. A checkpoint could be reading an article on neonatal-pediatric pathology, then answering a question.

Some courses (taught in 4-week modules) in this degree program include:

  • Case Management in Acute and Critical Care
  • Advances in Emergency Response and Preparedness
  • Advanced Patient Assessmen
  • Advanced Cardiopulmonary Diagnostics

And much more! We want your experience with IU to be positive and successful. That’s why we offer no-cost tutoring and personal, one-on-one time with instructors should you need it.

To ensure you’re in good hands, you’ll be assigned your own “Success Team.” Each member of your team will work with you at different points in your schooling to make sure you stay on target in completing your degree and finding a rewarding job after. It starts before you are even a student, with your own admissions consultant assisting you every step of the way throughout the enrollment process. Next, you will be introduced to your student services adviser who will be your primary contact throughout your schooling. Your adviser will check in with you every module to discuss things like your GPA and upcoming activities. If you have issues or concerns whether in or outside of school, your adviser can suggest resources and solutions to challenges that may come your way. During your second module, you will be introduced to your faculty program adviser. You can go to this adviser with any questions or concerns specific to your degree program. If you have financial aid, your active student planner will make sure you update all your paperwork so there is no lapse in your funding. Finally, you’ll be introduced to your career services adviser during your fourth module. This adviser will have you complete a needs assessment in order to guide you through the career development process. We start your career development early in your schooling so you can be savvy in your job search after graduation!

At IU, we can prepare you to advance into a variety of respiratory therapy jobs, including supervisory, managerial, patient education, clinical specialist, and advanced clinical practitioner positions.

Now on to respiratory therapy job options; here’s what to expect when you graduate:

As a graduate and respiratory care practitioner, you can use your advanced skills to work in supervisory positions at respiratory care centers, clinics, hospitals, sleep disorder treatment centers, and long-term care facilities.

Possible careers include:

  • Clinical Specialist
  • Case Management
  • Respiratory Care Supervisor and/or Manager
  • Patient Education
  • Advanced Clinical Practitioner

We get it ... The whole reason you are completing your Bachelor’s degree in respiratory care is to get a better job. That’s why our extraordinary support doesn’t stop at graduation. You can use Career Services to help fine-tune your job search skills both before and after you graduate. Although we don’t guarantee a job (that is the graduate’s responsibility), we will provide valuable tools, tips, and insights to assist you in the job search. And down the road, should your skills need some refreshing, you are welcome to audit a class in your degree area at no cost!

As a nonprofit school that invests in you, we believe your success is our success!