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Open your nursing career to more possibilities with an online master's in nursing administration degree

Advanced degrees for nurses are valued by employers now more than ever. The right accredited online Master's in Nursing Administration could help you transition into nursing positions of greater respect and responsibility.

This online Master’s degree program prepares registered nurses (RNs) who already have a Bachelor’s degree to gain entry-level employment in administrative, leadership, and management roles. You could work in a variety of healthcare and nursing settings, including managed-care groups, home healthcare organizations, long-term care facilities, public or private hospitals, and clinics.


An online Master's degree in Nursing Administration could help you advance into a number of supervisory or managerial positions, such as:

  • Nurse supervisor
  • Manager of nursing and/or healthcare services


Learn skills that are essential to transitioning into nursing roles of higher responsibility, such as:1

  • Health services financial management
  • Health services marketing
  • Outcomes assessment
  • Quality management
  • Healthcare information systems
  • Research and evaluation methods
  • Nursing leadership
  • Pathophysiology

Nursing Administration

Advance your nursing position with a Master’s degree. Gain more knowledge and be able to move into a leadership position with the skills from your coursework.


Course Name Credits

NUR 602
Advanced Nursing Theory

This course provides the foundation necessary to understand what nursing theory is and how it is used in nursing. The development, analysis, and evaluation of nursing theory will be emphasized. Grand and middle range theories will be discussed, with an overview of several of those currently in use. The focus of this course is on the application of theory in nursing practice.

Prerequisites: None.

NUR 608
Advanced Pharmacology

The focus of this course is on the clinical use of drugs commonly used in primary care settings, for practitioners, educators, and managers. Pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and pharmacotherapeutics of selected categories of drugs are explored. Students will explore the effects of such variables as age, race, and gender and their effect upon their relationship to specific prescribing practices.

Prerequisites: None.

NUR 502
Health Services Financial Management

This course is designed to provide the student nurse with an understanding of accounting and financial management concepts/techniques to health service organizations. Course components include: distinctive accounting and financial characteristics of health services organizations; interpreting basic financial statements; financial ratios analysis; government and voluntary regulatory agency compliance; and evaluating financial performance.

Prerequisites: None.

HSA 552
Healthcare Information Systems

This course is designed to prepare students for management oversight, administrative design, acquisition of, and implementation of, information technology systems. The course emphasizes basic knowledge of information systems in a healthcare environment. A component of the course is a team-based information technology strategic plan.

Prerequisites: None.

NUR 604
Issues in Nursing

The focus of the course is on the examination and analysis of current trends as they relate to advanced nursing practice. Selected factors in healthcare delivery and the legal, moral, and ethical implications for actual practice will be examined. A study of systems, leadership and organization, and their application to healthcare, including entrepreneurial programs, are presented. Concepts of public policy and the impact of selected organizations? policies will be examined as they relate to advanced nursing practice.

Prerequisites: None.

NUR 603
Leadership Theory

This course will address the theory and practice of leadership in organizations. Traditional and modern theories of leadership will be explored, as well as the practical application of these theories in the workplace. In addition to covering the traditional concepts of leadership in organizations, this course will take an in-depth look at the power and influence a leader has over the organization and its members.

Prerequisites: None.

NUR 515
Legal and Ethical Considerations in Nursing Practice

This course addresses a variety of legal and ethical questions confronting nursing in professional practice. The course addresses such topics as liability, confidentiality, informed consent, contracts, patients rights, and the role the nurse has in ethically managing these factors in healthcare delivery.

Prerequisites: None.

NUR 611
Nursing Administration

This course provides nursing administration theory and foundational knowledge to ensure that sound management concepts are integrated into healthcare delivery decisions. Students synthesize current management techniques and leadership theory into practical applications for nursing practice.

Prerequisites: None.

NUR 612
Nursing Administration Practicum

Students learn skills and knowledge for nursing administration based on a foundation of sound management theory as it relates to healthcare delivery. Students integrate clinical examples and develop skills for evaluating care plan delivery models; thinking critically; empowering teams; resolving conflicts; coaching and mentoring; educating staff and assessing clinical competence; allocating resources; and ensuring and measuring productivity and efficiency.

Prerequisites: Completion of all core courses and specialty courses.

NUR 690
Nursing Capstone

Students will complete a project that integrates and demonstrates a mastery of the learning objectives of the degree program.

Prerequisites: Completion of all core courses and specialty courses or with the consent of the Dean.

HSA 544
Outcomes Assessment and Quality Management

This course addresses why healthcare institutions are responsible for the management and continuous improvement of quality in all aspects of their operation. It exposes the student to the processes and quality tools used to develop effective quality management programs as well as to assess current practices. It also covers how to evaluate outcomes data for interpretation to various audiences.

Prerequisites: None.

NUR 606

This course is designed to provide the student with a fundamental understanding of the process of advanced health assessment and assessment of pathophysiological processes, including the mechanism of disease, correlating risk factors, and causes to lifestyle, genetic, and environmental factors. The student will identify disease manifestations, complications, and integrate advanced health information, reason towards a diagnosis, and make recommendations for optimal health, disease prevention, and therapies.

Prerequisites: None.

NUR 605
Research and Evaluation Methods

This course provides the student with the information and skills necessary for engaging in scholarly inquiry, utilizing information resources, evaluating research, identifying problems, measuring outcomes in practical settings, and using research findings for clinical decision making. Topics include: principles of problem analysis, how to confront decisions related to the design of a research study, and how to critically examine approved research methods.

Prerequisites: None.

NUR 505
The Nurse's Role in Health Services Marketing

Focuses on aligning health service offerings with the demands of markets in order to maximize customer/client value and organizational competitive advantage. Course components include: nature of the marketing function, market analysis, fundamentals of individual and organizational buying behavior, elements of the tactical marketing mix (service offering design, price, promotion and customer acquisition channels), marketing plans and the role of nursing in the marketing plan, and differences in services, product markets, and marketing.

Prerequisites: None.

Total Credits
Total Program Credits

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Program Outcomes and Goals

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The baccalaureate degree program in nursing/master's degree program in nursing at Independence University is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (www.ccneaccreditation.org).

Why Choose Independence University?

IU's online and on-campus degree programs can help you prepare for employment in some of today's most rewarding job fields. Our programs are career-focused, without elective courses that you don't want or need, so you can finish your degree fast.

Master’s degree in Nursing Administration Here’s what you can expect:

What could be more rewarding than working in a job you love? How about the addition of more job options and more opportunities for leadership in nursing? As an RN with a Bachelor’s degree, you could earn your Master’s degree online to gain or further your employment in administrative, leadership, and management roles.

We know life doesn’t come to a screeching halt once you’ve decided to earn your advanced degree. Here’s the good news ... At Independence University (IU), you could complete your Master’s degree online in just 15 months. Plus, you can keep your current job, family, and other commitments because you have 24/7 flexibility in earning your degree. At IU, we provide the perfect combination of personal support and checkpoints to keep you on track in completing your degree.

Step by step, here’s how it works:

Your courses are set up in convenient, four-week modules. You’ll take one or two online courses at a time, according to your degree program schedule. In addition, you’ll have a daily checkpoint which will help you to keep on track. For example, a checkpoint may be reviewing an article on pharmacology, then responding to a question about what you read.

At IU, our program is designed to give you the knowledge and skills needed to advance your career as a nurse administrator.

Here’s a sample of some courses (taught in 4-week modules) you’ll take:

  • Healthcare Information Systems
  • Advanced Nursing Theory
  • Leadership Theory
  • Pathophysiology
  • Research and Evaluation Methods
  • Advanced Pharmacology.

Your career-focused degree was designed for your success, both in school and in your career. But we don’t stop there. We provide no-cost tutoring as well as personal time with instructors should you need it. You’ll even have your own “Success Team.” Your team includes your admissions consultant who interviews you and assists you throughout the enrollment process, your student services adviser who will be your main point of contact throughout your schooling, your faculty program adviser who can assist you in your specific program, your active student planner who makes sure that paperwork for any funding is always updated and in order, and your career services adviser who will assess your career goals and guide you through the career development process, helping to make you more marketable when you graduate!

New career options as a nurse executive—here’s what you can expect:

As a graduate and nurse administrator, you can transition into administrative nursing jobs of greater responsibility. Work in a variety of healthcare and/or nursing settings, including managed-care groups, home-health organizations, long-term care facilities, public or private hospitals, and clinics.

Administrative nursing jobs include:

  • Manager of nursing personnel
  • Nurse supervisor

IU is committed to your success, both in school and beyond. Before graduation and after, take advantage of valuable job information and insights provided by our Career Services department. Although we don’t guarantee a job and gaining employment is the graduate’s responsibility, Career Services can help you sharpen your job search skills and assist you in the job search process. We want to help you land your dream job with the Nursing Administration degree you’ve earned.

From application to graduation (and beyond), we’re with you every step of the way!