Student Learning Outcomes:

1. Assimilate knowledge from the liberal arts, nursing science, and the art and ethics of caring into the framework for providing holistic care to diverse patient/clients across the lifespan, including end-of-life.
2. Demonstrate critical thinking as the basis of practice through utilization of evidence-based practices in providing safe physical, social, cultural, spiritual, and environmental diversity of patient care as well as apply strong critical thinking/problem solving competencies in crisis resolution.
3. Apply the knowledge and skills of nursing leadership to provide compassionate, safe, and high quality care to patients/clients from diverse backgrounds across the lifespan.
4. Provide patient/client care from a holistic framework that recognizes the context of patient/client values in promoting wellness and disease prevention as well as planning, implementing, and evaluating patient/client care outcomes.
5. Develop effective communication and information management strategies that enhance an atmosphere of collaboration between patient/clients and members of the healthcare team.
6. Integrate the teaching-learning process throughout all aspects of nursing practice to address the dynamic needs of both the patient/client and the practitioner to attain a sense of holistic well-being.
7. Internalize professional values that reflect responsibility and accountability for professional behavior and a commitment to life-long learning.
8. Explore, and define their individual role as a positive change agent in the work force and community.
9. Adhere to ethical, legal, and regulatory mandates and professional standards for nursing practice.
10. Apply management, delegation, and supervision strategies in planning, implementing, and evaluating nursing care.
11. Explore political, economic, organizational, educational, and advocacy resources and strategies to improve health care delivery to individuals, groups, families, communities, national and global populations.
12. Accept personal accountability for lifelong learning, professional growth, and commitment to the advancement of the profession.
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