Student Learning Outcomes:

1. Progress the body of the knowledge of nursing by dissemination of information through informational technology, interdisciplinary collaboration and authentic transformational leadership models.
2. Disseminates original scholarly contributions to inform evidence-based practice that is diverse and includes social, cultural, spiritual, and environmental application to solving complex problems through theoretical concepts and innovative solutions.
3. Synthesize the life-span of the community of wellness into a personal professional commitment to creating collaborative alliances for safe, diverse, and compassionate delivery of health promoting behaviors.
4. Integrate nursing theory into advance nursing practice including the best tenets and concepts of influential theorist of nursing encouraging a community of wellness that is based on considerations in furthering healthy change behaviors for the individuals, families, communities, and populations based on Healthy People 2020.
5. Advance the care of populations through advocacy by creation of a healthy community using disease prevention strategies, networking, collaborative outreach, analysis of consumer healthcare needs and guiding regulatory healthcare policy.
6. Integrate Information Technology Management to create a collaborative interdisciplinary team that accesses, processes, and delivers improved professional networks, patient relationships and health outcomes for the community of wellness.
7. Influence a healthier population through critical analysis and synthesis of evidence-based content by designing educational methods for quality improvement and prevention of disease to enhance a community of wellness.
8. Contribute to the ethical practice of nursing by advocating accountability in life-long learning, contributing to the body of the knowledge of the profession, and assimilating ethical practices into promotion of ethical healthcare practices for the community of wellness.
9. Collaborate with the community of wellness to create alliances that will improve political awareness, advocacy for improved health outcomes, and legal/regulatory activism from the community of nursing.
10. Collaborate with the community of wellness to manage, organize and delegate diverse strategies for planning, implementing, and evaluating improved healthcare outcomes for the community of wellness.
11. Advance improved healthcare outcomes for national and global populations, individuals, groups, families, and communities by advocating for application of diverse economic resources to the community of wellness.
12. Promote personal and professional accountability for the advancement of the profession of nursing ensuring accountability for life-long learning and professional growth that will encourage improved health outcomes for the community of wellness.
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