If you enjoy helping others, you might prefer an online healthcare degree. If you like the idea of helping companies manage operations and earn profits, get an online business degree. Fascinated by computers and information technology? Go for an online technology degree. And if you have some creative flair, an online graphic arts degree could open doors for you. Some of our programs are even offered on campus if you feel like you'd do better in a traditional classroom environment.

the school of healthcare

The healthcare industry provides you with exciting new career opportunities, especially if you enjoy helping others. As one of America's fastest-growing industries,1 healthcare could help you enjoy more job security than you might experience in other fields.

Independence University's School of Healthcare offers you a wide array of career-focused degree programs. IU's exceptional curriculum is designed in partnership with over 360 clinical sites and 77 program advisory committee members nationwide.

school of healthcare

the school of business

Today's business world is competitive and fast-paced. To get ahead, you’ll need a strong foundation of essential business management skills that employers demand.

IU's online School of Business provides you with a variety of business and accounting programs. Your curriculum is designed using feedback from IU’s nationwide network of business partners.

school of business

the school of technology

Information technology (IT) is an exciting, fast-changing career field that offers you nearly limitless options for specialization.

Independence University's online School of Technology programs provide you with real-world skills you need to learn and grow throughout your IT career. You'll also have opportunities to prepare for certifications that will enhance your skills and value in the marketplace.

School of Technology

the school of graphic arts

Get the professional knowledge and skills you need to get paid for your creativity. IU's online School of Graphic Arts provides the professional foundation you need for today's job market.

At IU, you’ll receive a tablet when you enroll and, within a few months, a new Mac® laptop with access to Adobe® Creative Cloud® software, so you can earn your degree online. Keep the tablet and the laptop when you graduate!

school of graphic arts