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In today’s job market, technology is king! Employers of nearly all shapes and sizes—everything from small businesses to large multinational corporations—rely on user-friendly computer networks and software to achieve their goals. With the right online technology degree, you could start or update your career and gain the skills you need to crack the code to your future. It all starts at Independence University’s School of Technology!


IU’s School of Technology offers programs with employment-focused instruction provided by experienced professionals. Whether you’re into software, mobile apps, network administration, information security, or web development, we have a program for you. Each of our fully online programs will help you gain the fundamental knowledge and skills you need to succeed.


With historical roots going back to 1891, Independence University has maintained a proud tradition of academic excellence. Our online Technology degrees are strictly career-focused, to help you prepare for the future you’ve always wanted. Ready to upgrade your career with the right IT skills? Call us at (800) 917-6391 today. Or request free info online by clicking or tapping the “Request Info” button above!

The IT Industry

Keeps Growing

Whether you want to develop software, build computer systems, or prevent cyberattacks, there’s an exciting job in tech for you. The number of many high-tech careers is predicted to grow faster than average (12% by 2024, acording to the Bureau of Labor Statistics) and offer good salaries, so technology positions make very attractive careers.1


With the right credentials, growth like that means you are in control of your career and your future. Employers look for people like you!


At Independence University, you can build your tech knowledge base with a bachelor’s degree or prepare for managerial responsibility with a master’s degree. Our teachers are working professionals with the right experience to guide you in your chosen field.

Bachelor’s Degrees inTechnology

Master’s Degrees inTechnology

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    Learn how to analyze and share data to help organizations run more efficiently and achieve their business goals. In this program, you could acquire skills in strategic planning and system analysis to prepare for high-level IT jobs.

“Independence University gave me the opportunity to have that flexibility to spend time with my family, my three little kids, and still go to school. Independence University was a great fit for me.”

- Dustin Groves
Master of Business Administration (MBA)

“Thanks to earning my master’s degree, it gave me the confidence to open up a business.”

- Mimi Raza
Master of Business Administration (MBA)

“I like to be in a classroom setting. I was definitely scared when I first enrolled at IU. With the online learning platform and the support I received from my instructors and my associate deans online, I really didn’t feel a difference between being online and being in a classroom. I still had all the same resources. I had the same support.”

- Taban Bustani
Master of Business Administration (MBA)

“The instructors were very knowledgeable. They’ve all had real-world experience, and they can share their experiences with you to help you advance your career.”

- Jamie Bingham
Master of Public Health (MPH)

“I think IU has made me a better person. Before, I was just going through life. I had done my military time, and I didn’t know where to go. Now, since I’ve gone to IU and I’ve gotten my degrees, it’s taken me in a whole different direction. I see life differently now from the classes that I’ve been through. It’s a whole different ballgame. Once you get an education, then you see things differently.”

- Eddie Underwood
Master of Healthcare Administration (MS)


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  1. http://www.bls.gov/ooh/computer-and-information-technology/home.htm

Independence University admits students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin.

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